Sunday, 18 August 2013

liebster award!

So on Wednesday I found out that I had been nominated for the Liebster Award! From Alice at Mutterings of a Teenager. And then today I found out that I had also been nominated by Precious at Fashion Kween. Thank you so much, you lovely people! Made me smile :) and aw it's nice to know people like my blog, I really really appreciate it! It made my day.

Incase you don't know what the award is, it's to give recognition to bloggers with less than 200 followers, a great way for new bloggers to get discovered, as well as for others to find new blogs to read. Also, as a language obsessed person, I think it's really cute because the word 'Liebster' is German for: dearest, aw.

I apologise in advance for the really long post!

  1. Accept the award.
  2. Place the badge on your post.
  3. Write 11 facts about you + answer the 11 questions from the person that nominated you.
  4. Choose 11 people to nominate + create 11 questions for the nominees.
  5. Go to your nominees blogs and comment saying you've nominated them.
When you nominate others, leave a comment on their blog saying you have so that they know. And to the person that nominated you, send them a link back so they can see your answers to their questions.

11 Random Facts
  1. I'm bilingual (Italian and English) and have near fluency in a third language (Spanish). I am also learning three other languages (French, Mandarin Chinese and Portuguese) (I realize this is probably two facts.. but I wanted to keep all the language related things in one sentence!)
  2. I'm a triplet
  3. I love Harry Potter. I think I would die of happiness if I got the chance to go the Harry Potter theme park.
  4. I've had a lot of replies/favourites on twitter from celebrities.
  5. I watch so many TV shows, it's probably unhealthy.
  6. I love pistachio gelato. It's the best flavour in the world.
  7. I love gingerbread men (Christmas time is the best as there are always cards and decorations with them on! Not as many about as you'd think though)
  8. I used to dance (and went to a drama school/club on saturdays)
  9. The first time I went on a Roller Coaster was last year. (I mean a proper 'big scary' Roller Coaster.. I've been on smaller ones. And they're fun, not scared now!)
  10. I love car journeys in the dark
  11. I find writing facts about myself really hard ahah

Alice's Questions

When did you first start wearing makeup?
I don't really know specifically, I'd probably say that I started wearing it properly when I was 17? That sounds about right, I think. Little story - I remember when I was really young, my auntie taking my sister and I out for dinner and she gave us a little lipgloss each and I was so happy about it because it was my first ever lipgloss aha. But p

Favourite high street brand?
Zara! I've listed some other high street brands I love further down in another question.

If you only had one day to live, what would you do?
I know this sounds super cheesy, but it's the simple things that matter most. So it goes without saying that I would spend time with my family and friends. And I would love to be back in Italy and just near a beach with everyone gathered round a huge table and eating our favourite foods and talking and laughing and just feeling happy and that you're with the people you love.

All time favourite piece of clothing (include a picture)
I don't have a photo of me wearing the piece of clothing, but this is it, it's more of a favourite outfit post though. I have more than one but this is my most recent favourite.

I love the back of that top!

Top and trousers - Zara
Pink ballet shoes - Rubi (bought them in Australia)

And I love these boots too! From Next.

Why did you start blogging?
Originally it was to keep track of the places I'd travelled to. I love travelling so I thought why not have a place where I can write down what I did for the day and be able to look back on in the future. But then I also liked the idea of just writing about things I enjoy and love! I've read blogs for many years and always enjoyed reading them but never actually thinking I could do the same sort of thing and make it interesting enough for people to want to read. But I started it up (this month!) and it's been great and I'm having so much fun. There is so much to blog about and when it's something you enjoy doing, why not? Make the most of it I say. I love blogging!

What are your goals for life?
To be happy and healthy. Career wise, I have no clue what I want to do, but anything that I enjoy doing and makes me happy and that earns enough to make my life comfortable then that would be good. On the more materialistic side of things, I would love to travel the world.

Would you rather buy one expensive product or buy a few drugstore products?
Beauty-wise, I'd say drugstore because there are loads of different brands available and some are very good quality that I really like. I'm usually someone with the mindset of 'buy one expensive thing as it lasts longer than a load of cheap things that barely last a few weeks' but that's really with clothes and accessories.

Who is your celebrity role model and why?
I have quite few. We would be here forever if I explained why about all of them. So I'll pick a few, and then just list the other names. I'll try and keep it brief if I can, sorry if I end up rambling!

Demi Lovato. I love her, I've always been a fan of her music and I love it, but as a role model I think she's amazing and so inspiring. She's been through so much and has battled through it and come out the other side stronger. She sends out a very positive message to people, especially the younger generation and I think that's very important because my generation didn't seem to have any young adults/people speaking out /giving advice at the time, not that I know of anyway or maybe I'm being forgetful right now.

Sophia Bush. She's a huge activist about many issues and is always trying to help others or educate others on why it's important to help etc. She's so empowering and inspiring and I just love that she's out there and actively helping people. She seems like a very kind and sweet person and I always enjoy watching her interviews.

Emma Watson. I love her, for obvious reasons like I love Harry Potter but as a person she's incredible. She's remained very clear headed it seems with all the fame, she hasn't let it affect her badly. She's gone back into education while having huge successes and shows that it's important to have an education and not mis-use fame. I think she's just made very good choices and I can't not mention her involvement with charities too, because she is very supportive of a lot of them and I think anyone who does that is a very good role model in my eyes.

Jennifer Lawrence. First of all, I don't want to repeat what the media are saying about how Jen is 'refreshing' like a recent comment made from one of her friends, I think the media are just exaggerating it and probably aren't used to someone being so honest. So of course it's great that she's not letting fame get to her and has still remained very clear-headed but that's just her. She's funny, isn't afraid to say what she thinks and is very honest as I said. She's made it very clear that she doesn't want to be a stick thin celebrity and would rather look like a 'real person' on cameraw than a 'scarecrow' in life and I think that's a huge positive message to girls and let them know that it's important to stay who you are and to not change themselves and damage their health just to look tiny like a celebrity might on camera. I think she's a great person.

I also think Cory Monteith is a big role model. Obviously he struggled with some issues and that's very sad  but that's not what I mean. He worked so many jobs throughout his life and he finally got to where he wanted to be. I think that's so amazing. Especially as I don't know what I want to do with my life career wise, he's proof that you can accomplish anything if you work hard. But also, he was so kind and caring and would help so many people. And the fact that he was so open with his struggles, he made sure that people knew it was ok to ask for help with, well, anything you needed help with and that's so important. It's very very sad what's happened to him and I will miss him. I admired him very much as a person. And also I can't not mention Glee, I used to watch it and loved his character (and I mean in last few seasons that he was a role model, because in the earlier seasons he was quite 'I'm popular so can't show my feelings or be anything 'outside the norm' and would always get in fights and I didn't like how the character was towards Kurt at first - another Glee character. So I wasn't too keen on Finn at the start but grew to love the character). But as a person, Cory was very kind and generous and I would have loved to have met him.

I also love Jennifer Morrison, Lea Michele and Angelina Jolie but as I said I would be here forever if I mentioned them all. I might edit this post at some point though and just add in why they're my role models too. Might as well!

Favourite scent?
I love Miss Cherie Dior. I've been wearing that for a few years now.

Who are your fashion icons?
Again, I have a lot. Celebrity wise - Blake Lively, Olivia Palermo, Kirsten Dunst, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Lily Collins and Angelina Jolie. I love Kate Middleton's style too. Model wise - I love Karlie Kloss' style, also Chanel Iman's, Frida Gustavvson and Ginta Lapina's.

If you could have anything in the world, what would it be and why?
This is a difficult one. To be able to travel all over the world. Or a beach house!! I love the beach so so much and to be able to have somewhere to go that's near one would be amazing. I love the house Emily on Revenge lives in, that would be my dream house. On the less materialist side of things, happiness and health to those that I love would be fantastic and that goes above everything for me.

Precious' Questions

Other than blogging what do you do on your free time?
See family and friends mainly. I watch a lot of tv shows and I'll go through my language books or language learning sites and try and learn/teach myself some more. I really want to do a class for that though as I think it would be better. I used to run quite a bit so I'm going to get back into that at some point and after asking for advice on a #fbloggerschat the other day, I was deciding between pilates and yoga and have decided to go for pilates. So an exercise routine will be sorted for myself soon. I used to read too, I've got out of the habit of doing that and I really should read more at some point because I have a ton of books in my room that still haven't been read, oops. And haven't done lately, but I can't not mention shopping. I love shopping. I can literally spend hours in a shopping centre and I don't even have to buy anything, just browsing the shops is fun to do.

How many days a week do you wear makeup?
It depends what I'm doing. If I go out, I'll wear it because I don't like going out bare faced as I'm sure many out there can relate to aha. But if I'm just in the house having a 'lazy day' then I won't bother wearing it, no point in wasting it.

Where is your favorite place to shop?
Zara, Zara, Zara. I love that place. I also really like Warehouse, New Look, Topshop, Mango and Vero Moda. But don't shop much in the last two shops I mentioned.

Would you rather be a shoe-hollic or a clothe-hollic?
Definitely clothes. I love a good pair of shoes but there are SO many clothes out there!! (Ok also shoes.. but yeah I'm digging myself a hole here. What I'm trying to say is clothes is my answer :) aha)

If today was your last day on earth what would you do?
Answered that already :) written in Alice's question!

What is your favorite holiday season?
CHRISTMAS! I always prefer the lead up to Christmas and Christmas Eve to the actual day though. And I also love Halloween! But maybe it's just the area I live in, it doesn't seem to be celebrated much here? My family don't do anything for it either so it's just another day really. But I love all the dressing up and decorating and 'spooky-ness' of it all, even though I haven't done that properly in years.

If you could describe your blog in one word what would it be?
Small? Probably that, as I have only started this blog up properly this month.. I really don't know, this is a difficult one to answer aha.

What do you wish to achieve through blogging?
Just that I hope that others enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy making/creating my blog. And also, if I were to ever help someone else in someway, with advice for example, that would be really nice. And anything else that may come along is an added bonus!

What is one thing you cant leave the house without?
My phone. I'm not saying I'm one of those people that is constantly on it, but I mean it in the sense that, if I left the house without my phone and something happened where I needed to call someone or someone needed to call me, then I'd be able to answer/make a call.

What is your favorite trend?
I really like the leather :) not as much the leather trousers, I would never wear them. But more the leather skirts. And I like leather jackets, especially those jackets that have just leather sleeves or even faux leather sleeves and the body made from a different material. I love love the khaki green jacket with faux black leather sleeves, I've been meaning to buy one for ages and still haven't yet. And another one that I really like is the two tone French manicures.

If you could come up with any trend what would it be and what would you name it?
Not to be boring but I really have no clue! My sister's the creative one in the family, not me aha. I wouldn't have a clue but anything classy and with good colours!
Thank you so much again for nominating me! And the questions were really interesting, I had fun answering them :)

My Nominations
Let me point out that I'm going by their Bloglovin follower count. So some may already have 200+ on GFC, but not on Bloglovin. And I have also checked if you have been nominated already and couldn't see anything, but if I've missed it and you have, I'm sorry!
  1. Lisa @ What Lisa Saw
  2. Hannah @ The Hannah Lucy Diaries
  3. Effy @ Effy Talks Life
  4. Inês @ Peachy Coral
  5. Julia @ Très Queentastic
  6. Laura Lost In Wonderland
  7. Sally @ The Makeup Directory
  8. Hannah @ Hannah's Beauty Blog
  9. Sarah @ Sarah Speaks
  10. Celia @ Celias Antics
  11. Megan @ Parks Hearts It

My Questions
  1. Would you rather live in the city or the countryside?
  2. What item of clothing do you like shopping for the most?
  3. What's one of your favourite things to do aside from blogging?
  4. If you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  5. Top 3 cities you want to visit?
  6. What's the best piece of advice you can give to someone about life?
  7. What's one of your best memories?
  8. What's the funniest thing you've ever done?
  9. If you have one, what is your favourite TV show?
  10. Who's your favourite fashion designer and why?
  11. Would you rather go without shoes, a bag or make-up?


  1. Loved reading your answers. And I too am in love with the leather trend I don't mind leather trousers I love anything leather :)

    1. Thank you! Ah it's great isn't it? I don't mind the trousers, some are nice :) but I think even the nice ones I wouldn't have confidence wearing! aha

  2. This is a great post, I always think it's lovely to find out more about each other! Very impressed by your language skills, that's amazing! I'm so jealous! Plus I love your choices of role models, i'm obsessed with Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence!

    Thanks for the nomination as well! :)

    Megan. x

  3. Congrats on the Liebster :) x

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  5. I love this post, it's great getting to know bloggers.

    I'm absolutely obsessed with the leather trend and in September I'm starting my new Italian course, I can't wait :)

    Beautiful blog!


  6. Well done lovely. Thank you so much for nominating me! I done a post before but may have to include some of the questions! x

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  8. Congrats and thank you for nominating me! I'll do this as soon as I can :D xx