Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Make up by Rimmel, L'Oreal and Topshop / Day out in cambridge

On Monday I went shopping and I bought those really lovely things photographed above. I don't really wear lipstick, if I do it's very very light colours so that you can't really tell I'm wearing it. I think I've got it into my head that if I wear lipstick then people are going to stare and think I look stupid. But I went for it, I bought two lipsticks! 
  1. Rimmel Scandal Eyes, Eye Shadow Crayon, 002 Bulletproof Beige - I really like this. I'm really picky with eyeshadow and don't really wear it. I've been looking for something pale and not too obvious and I think this really does the trick. It makes my eyes a bit brighter, which is good as I can have really big circles under my eyes sometimes! And it just adds something extra to the face rather than just eyeliner and mascara. It's really easy to apply on, doesn't smudge off easily either which is good. And I find that with a crayon, it's a lot easier than putting on eyeshadow with a brush and a lot quicker. I've found that if I rub it in with my fingers slightly, I like that better as it's more matte, but either way it still has some shine to it. It's not glittery or shimmery, which I personally don't like and a lot of the time can be allergic to.

  2. Rimmel Scandal Eyes, Waterproof Kohl Pencil, 005 Nude - I've bought Rimmel Kohl pencils before and really like them. It works together well in the inner eye if you apply it alongside the the Beige Scandal Eyes Crayon that I mentioned above. It has a really nice texture to it, so you don't have a high chance of poking your eye out when applying it aha. It doesn't fade throughout the day, which is always a plus when it comes to wearing make-up. However because the texture is so smooth and creamy, you have to be careful when putting the lid back on as it can crumble a bit, which also makes it hard to sharpen. But you can put it in the fridge for a while, not too long as it can ruin it, but just enough to harden it. I'm going to keep using it and see but at the moment I'm not too sure if that will put me off buying it again.

  3. L'Oreal Collection Privée by Julianne Moore - I've had a L'Oreal lipstick before and really like the smoothness of them, so I thought I'd check out what there was, saw the Collection Privé which I immediately liked. There are 6 different colours, each by the Paris spokespersons for L'Oreal: Eva Longoria, Julianne Moore, Doutzen Kroes, Cheryl Cole, Freida Pinto's and Liya Kebede. I couldn't decide between Eva's and Julianne's but went for Julianne's. The idea behind this is that if you have, for example, a similar colouring to Eva, you would suit her lipstick and so on. They're all nude colours. Even though I don't have Julianne's skin tone I still like the colour on me and it is only a guide after all, I love all the colours though. I'd say out of the 4, Julianne's and Cheryl's have the most pigment, but personally I need to put on two coats for it to give me the best coverage. I think they're the perfect lipstick to wear in Autumn. And not to mention the tube itself, it's so pretty with the gold detailing against the black, very classy.

  4. Topshop Lips, Ooh la la - I'm sure everyone's heard of the Ooh la la shade of the Topshop lips collection. Everyone raves about them and my sister loves them so I thought I'd take a proper look at them and see if I liked anything. I'm actually allergic to a lot of make-up (not that it stops me wearing it though!) and have to be careful when buying it, but according to the sales assistant, the ingredients in the Lips collection are similar to that of Mac. And I'm not allergic to Mac so I bought it. It's a really lovely colour, great pigment so one coating will do fine and it's nice and smooth when you apply it on, making your lips feel moisturized, nothing worse than having chapped lips, the feeling is horrible.

And I went to Cambridge on Sunday, here are some photos of the day (I do realise one of them is really wonky. Plus excuse the photo of the lipstick above as I took that with my phone, same goes for the photo of the food)

It was a good day and as you can see, we went for lunch at this Sicilian cafe called 'Aromi'. For a main I had a pizzetta, which is basically a snack sized mini pizza, and it had tomato, balsamic vinegar and rocket. I didn't like it at all though, my mum didn't like hers either. My dad probably had the best lunch but I still wouldn't go back there. It was very busy upstairs, when you queue you're in a rush to decide what to have and you order before sitting down. It's not a place where you sit down and get to choose from a menu in your time. And it just seemed a bit too cramped in the downstairs seating area, there wasn't enough room for anyone, including the staff. It's a shame because on TripAdvisor it got really good reviews but I don't get it personally. But on the plus side, we had the most amazing dessert. They're canoli with 'crema al pistacchio', a Sicilian pastry dessert filled with pistachio cream. They're like a pastry - this pastry tasted a lot like 'fritelle' that you get at Carnival time in Italy. I'd definitely recommend trying one of them if you've got a sweet tooth. I'd go again but only for those, not for lunch.


  1. Cambridge looks so pretty and i adore Topshop lipsticks. Lucky you weren't allergic.x

  2. I have that eyeliner! its amazing right?

    love your blog! new follower!

    come and check out mine if you'd like to :) I have just posted my august faves :)

  3. I have Topshop's Brighton Rocks which is amazing and long lasting. x

  4. lovely photos, i really want to get that nude rimmel eyeliner, i've heard so many positive things about the whole scandaleyes range and i don't even own a nude eyeliner! i'll have to pick it up next time i'm having a browse around superdrug xo

  5. The topshop lipstick looks gorge xx

  6. i'd love to visit cambridge, and that topshop lipstick looks like such a lovely colour! xx

  7. I love the Rimmel Eyeshadow crayons! They are so nice and very pigmented x