Monday, 2 September 2013

London bloggy meet

On Sunday I went to the lovely Sophie's meet up! (Thank you for organizing it!) It was my first ever bloggers meet up and I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to meet. Everyone was so friendly and kind. I was so so nervous beforehand but soon relaxed after meeting everyone.

I met Sophie at the station and we went down to London together and then waited for everyone at Piccadilly Circus. We went off into various little groups to the shops.

The group I was with!

From left to right - Me, BeccaSophieThalia, TallulahTanja and Megan

I've tried to remember all the shops we went in, but I'm probably missing out some. We went to Topshop, where me and Becca went into the Photobooth. aha It didn't really work in a lot of the photos because we didn't know that as soon as you put the money in it starts flashing, you have to be so quick!

We went back to the photooboth later on and I went in with Thalia, Sophie and Perdi. We then proceeded to Boots, New Look, & Other Stories, Monki and the Makeup Store, before meeting at the diner at 2. I'd never been in to & Other Stories or Monki before and definitely need to go back, they have some really nice things in there.

Me and Thalia

Me and Sophie

Me and Becca

Outside the diner, waiting for everyone to arrive!

Credit to Jaye

The food was so good. It looks worse than it is aha. I had the Coney Island Dog with fries, assumed it was a chilli hotdog as in it being spicy but turns out it was chilli con carne (which I don't like at all), what a weird combination?! But it was nice. And to my suprise I was actually one of the last people still eating at my table aha, normally my food is gone within minutes! I even had to leave some, the portions were huge, that's American food for you aha. I'd never been to an American diner before and always wanted to go and it was really nice. Thenafter some more photos, we went off to the shops again, one of them being The Pixi Shop - they had so many nice things in there, the nail varnishes looked so pretty!

Me and Sophie

Credit to Holly

Me, Jaye and Becca

Credit to Tallulah

From left to right - BeccaTallulahMegan, Me, Tanja, Holly, Thalia, Kimberley, Sophie, Perdi

Credit to Sophie

Everyone outside the diner!

It was a really great day, I can't wait for more meet ups, they're so much fun! It was really nice to meet everyone.


  1. Looks like you had a fab time! Xx

  2. So lovely meeting you! And the photo of us in the photobooth is up on my twitter! :) x

  3. It was so lovely meeting you! Aw had such a good time:)xoxo

  4. Aww this looks like so much fun! Was so close to going too, but alas work :( Still next time! It looks like it was such a lovely day too! Glad you had fun =D x

  5. Waw this looks like so much fun! I hope you had a great time (but it seems like you did!) Xx

  6. Aww loved the photos, you girls really seem to have had a great time! I really wanted to go to a meetup one day too! :)

    xo, Inês