Sunday, 6 October 2013

chicken chow mein noodles

For a while now, I've been wanting noodles. I love chinese food and when I get something in my head it (be it going someplace or shopping or doing something or eating something etc) it won't go away until it's out of my system. And recently being noodle obsessed, though that's not that much different for usual, because I love noodles regardless, all I've had in my head is when am I going to get the chance to have some chinese food. So the other week I thought rather than go pay for something, I'll buy the ingredients and make it all from scratch. I've made stir fry before but never a proper chicken chow mein and I'm so glad I tried it because it turned out well and now I can noodles enough for another 3 days. I made 4 portions worth so I can put the rest in the fridge and have for lunch in the next few days so yay. But I guess it depends on how big your portions are, because some people might only find that this recipe gives them 3 portions.

I intended to follow the chicken chow mein recipe from the BBC Food website, but after looking through the ingredients, I changed it around to suit me and made my own recipe. I hope you enjoy it if you try it out!

  • 150g medium egg noodles
  • 1-2 tbsp olive oil
  • 300g skinless chicken breast, cut into chunks or strips (I used a 400g pack and should have used the last bit, so 300/400g - it doesn't matter too much!)
  • 4 tbsp of soy sauce (1 for the chicken, 3 at the end)
  • 1 tsp five-spice powder
  • 1 tsp chilli sauce
  • 1 tbsp cornflour
  • 150g bean sprouts
  • 2 spring onions sliced lengthways
  • 1 red pepper, de-seeded and finely sliced
  • black pepper


  1. Cook the noodles according to the packet instructions. Drain them, then rise under cold water and drain them again. Put to one side while you prepare the chicken.
  2. Place the chicken strips in a bowl and add the soy sauce, five-spice powder and chilli sauce. Mix well and then dust with cornflour
  3. Heat a frying pan (a wok is best but I used a frying pan for this so it works just as well really), add the olive oil and then add the chicken and stir fry them for 4 minutes, until the chicken is cooked.
  4. Add the red pepper to the chicken and stir fry for 1 minute.
  5. Ad the beansprouts and spring onion and stir fry for 30 seconds. Stir in the noodles, add some more soy sauce, to make it to your liking and some black pepper.
  6. Serve onto a plate and it's ready to eat!


  1. Ohh this looks so yum Sophie, definitely going to give it a whirl tomorrow.x

  2. This looks so easy and yummy! Might give it a go - only problem living back at home is having to cook for everyone else too and for some bizarre reason they are not fans of chinese food?! xo

  3. Omg this looks delicious!!

    xo, Inês

  4. That looks so good. Doesn't help that I am hungry!

    Jes | Naturally Jes

  5. Looks so good I'm a bit gutted you didn't invite me, lol good job though I bet it Tasted great!


  6. yum this looks so so good!!!