Thursday, 24 October 2013

new look necklaces

Having recently got a job at New Look, I bought these three lovely necklaces from there a few weeks ago, when I was buying my uniform. I chose 2 gold ones and one silver as I could mix and match them with my outfits. There are so many pretty ones out at the moment but I was good and stuck to 3. I think my favourite is the deer one, it really adds something to an outfit, especially a plain white or black top. I love the detail of it and I've had some lovely comments off people at work which is really nice. But I think the one I'm getting the most use out of at the moment is the gold necklace in the second photo, as it's more versatile. Even though they are quite chunky looking necklaces, none of them are heavy and it doesn't hurt your neck so it's great, they're really comfy. I know some necklaces can be quite uncomfortable to wear but these aren't like that at all, they don't even get tangled up with my lanyard and nothing has broken off, so they're of a good quality. Sorry for the really bad lighting in the last photo, wherever I moved the necklace, there were shadows all around it because of the dark colour.

On the subject of statement necklaces, I recently wrote a guest post on ShoppingUnlike, you can read my post here. I would love it if you checked it out!


  1. oh i love the deer necklace. so fab with a white shirt.x

  2. These are seriously beautiful. Definitely would go well on a plain-white shirt!

    Jes | Naturally Jes