Sunday, 24 November 2013

new glasses?!

... I got new glasses!!


I don't really wear my glasses every day all the time anymore as I wear contacts. But whenever I'm at home and on the laptop I will wear them as I don't want to damage my eyes. Even though I have been quite bad and not worn my contact lenses as often as I should be, oops. My eyesight hasn't been affected by it though and my prescription is the same so yay. And seeing as my other pair are years old I thought I'd treat myself to some new ones. They're a lovely brown/tortoiseshell colour and are Ralph Lauren (ooooh hello). I'm still getting used to how they look as they're very different to what I'm use to but I like them. They need to be adjusted slightly though as they don't sit on my face right but other than that they're great. I bought them at Vision Express and even got a 'free' pair, although they don't have my prescription in as that would have been extra money, so they're just a back up incase something happens to my main pair, which I hope nothing does happen.

Anyway that's enough of my face for one post! And guess who's finally finished their Christmas shopping?! All I need to do now is wrap them up and post some cards nearer the time. And on the subject of Christmas, I really don't get how people can prefer Winter to Summer, Christmas is the only good thing about I think. It is absolutely freezing at the moment. I need to drink gallons of peach tea to keep me warm, so I hope everyone else is staying warm!


  1. They're lovely Sophie! You really suit them!!! xx

  2. these glasses suit you so well! i'm the same, have to wear mine on my laptop :)
    lily x

  3. They're lovely! So classy and chic

  4. they are gorgeous! I recently had to get some glasses for reading and the computer! xxx

  5. Your so pretty! I love the frame on these glasses so chic! I have a similar pair from specsavers for reading and pc use but always forget to wear them hahah;D xx
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  6. Your glasses suit you so well! :) You're so pretty! x


  7. You look fab with the glasses on you :) I really like the style :) Mine are a little similar actually :) x

  8. Love the glasses. They really suit you.

    Thanks for the link via twitter, looking forward to reading more.

    Roxilicious82 @ Simply Roxilicious!