Monday, 30 December 2013

christmas day

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic day. I didn't end up going up to Scotland unfortunately as the weather was too bad for my dad to travel up, so we had Christmas at home. Also just incase anyone's wondering, I'm posting because I now have a new laptop! I've finally managed to get enough money saved up for it so yay and I can now get my blog posts up. After not having one for a month it's actually been really refreshing, I've been reading a lot more - hello Hunger Games. (On that note - I saw Catching Fire finally the other night and can I say it was absolutely amazing.) So please take that into consideration and get off your laptops and switch off all your technology once in a while, there's so much more to do out there but don't worry I'll end it there and not go all cheesy on you all :)

I had some of the loveliest food cooked by my mum, the best part of the morning being the sausage rolls pictured above! We watched the best film ever, it's definitely one of my favourites - It's A Wonderful Life. It's become a family tradition to watch that every year, if you haven't seen it I recommend it! I loved my presents which I am so so grateful for (thank you to those if you are reading this!) I decided not to post them as I don't want to come across as rude but also because I don't think that's the point of Christmas. If you follow me on Instagram though, you'll have seen some of my lovely presents on there. What Christmas is about to me is pictured above: family (except there's only me and my cat on here as I'm not putting photos of my family on here for privacy reasons) and food aha. The second set of food photos are actually of Boxing Day, so basically I've eaten my whole body weight in food over the past few days. But why not enjoy it, right? It's Christmas after all.

New Year's Day is very close too now so I want to wish you all a Happy New Year and I hope 2014 is the best one yet for you all!

Friday, 20 December 2013

my christmas wishlist

From left to right: Thomas Sabo Globe Charm - / Snake Ear Cuff / Ted Baker Acrylic Nails / Ciaté Nail Polish MangoShell Drop Earrings / F.R.I.E.N.D.S BoxsetMango Leopard Print Blouse / Knitted Stud Jumper / Gold Leopard Necklace /

Sorry for not posting last week, incase anyone didn't know, as mentioned in my last post, my laptop is broken and cannot be fixed, nooo. And I won't be getting a new laptop until after January. I will be sorting out a schedule too so that after Christmas I will be posting every week on the same day and twice a week so my blog will be running better.

Also I reached 100 Bloglovin followers this month! Thank you ever so much to everyone who is following me and reading my blog, I really appreciate it.

I'm not one to make wishlists, well I am but not publicly, I love to make lists, to do lists etc but wishlists are normally for myself to look at as a reminder. Plus I feel really guilty and awkward asking for things anyway aha. However this year I actually made a Christmas one much to the suprise of my family and these are a few items that I put on there.

I'm off to Scotland on Christmas Eve after work and we're going to be up there until the 28th, this will probably be my last post until then, so I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! Have a great day everyone and Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013 can't catch me i'm the gingerbread man!

From left to right: Shampoo, Shower Gel + Bubble Bath / Cookie Jar / USB Stick / Cookie MouldNecklace / Nail Transfers
Socks / Tie / Earrings / Christmas StockingCookie Cutters / RingBracelet Charm

Before I go into the post, I just thought I'd quickly mention on here incase you don't follow me on twitter where I already said. My laptop broke the other day and I heard back from the repair shop and it unfortunately can't be fixed. I'll still try and participate in twitter chats and hopefully will be able to post regularly still as my mum is kindly letting me borrow her laptop. But just incase I'm absent for a week or so, this is the reason why. I've been quite busy the past few weeks that's why there's only 2 posts on here in the whole of November! Also last thing, I had to return my glasses as they didn't fit right and after me asking them to be adjusted multiple times, they were bent so I just took them back. Now back onto the post..

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts I am a little obsessed with gingerbread men.. so why not make a full post on just that. Yay. I thought with Christmas coming up I'd make a post with some different gingerbread themed items for Christmas present suggestions.

And for a finishing touch, I also found these two sites where you can get wrapping paper and gift tags from.

And here is my collection!

The red box was a gift but I think it's from TK Maxx, which is where I bought the tin. The biscuit tin was a gift so I'm not sure where it's from but I found multiple sites where you can buy them online that I included above. The travel mug is from New Look (and did you know Costa will let you bring it with you and they will put your choice of drink in the mug?! So when the Christmas take-away cups are gone, you can bring your own in!). The pin was a gift so unsure where it is from, the bracelet charm was from Links of London and the Christmas tree ornament was from Clintons. The advent calendar was bought from this gift shop in my local town but you can buy it online from 'Not on the High Street'.

Hope you find something that you like or it gives you an idea of what to get someone for Christmas. I can't believe it's already December!