Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Ciaté mini paint pallete

I got this lovely box for Christmas from my auntie and I absolutely LOVE it. I already would have loved a Ciaté nail polish as it was on my wishlist but my auntie didn't know of this and according to my mum, actually picked it up wondering if I would like it and asked my mum who then said I had it on my wishlist aha. Weird huh?

I've actually never tried them before, the reason why I became so fascinated with them was because of a trip to Cambridge last year and I saw them in John Lewis and straight away loved the bow decoration on them and thought they were so cute. I'm very very glad that they have turned out to be just as good as I thought they would be. I just don't want them to run out because it'll ruin the pretty box aha, but I guess that gives me an excuse to buy some more later on down the line as I love painting my nails, so yay. It's probably a bit on the pricey side of nail polishes that are out there, as they are £9 each but the giftset works out cheaper and either way I personally think they are worth the money. If you wear nail polish a lot and would get a good amount of use out of them, why not treat yourself if you can - that's how I see it. Then at least you aren't wasting your money because you'll get good wear out of them.

I choose the 'amazing gracie' and 'antique brooch' for my first try of the polishes and pleased with the results. They've lasted 4 days without chipping, 5 with minor chips and even now that I've been wearing them for a week, they are fairly chipped but on my pink fingers and thumbs they are basically like new. The brush is so easy to use as well, because they have long handles my hands are steadier makes it a lot simpler to apply onto my nail and keeps my  I've also put a top coat on them, the Barry M one - another of my nail polish brand favourites.

The set includes: (from the antique brooch colour and clockwise from there) spending spree 108, mistress 016, power dressing 054, heirloom 116, dangerous affair 013, looking glass 131, amazing gracie 133 and antique brooch 113. I love the names of them and that the set is a mix of dark colours and nude, so much to choose from now.

I don't know what to go for next, as tomorrow is my day off work I'll probably spend some time doing my nails again. Maybe I'll go for the red.. or the but you never know, I'm so indecisive. We'll see!


  1. Ooh, very pretty! I like that there's so much diversity you would never find yourself without a nail polish for a certain occasion. I've never tried the brand before but so many people seem to love them that I may need to give them a go the next time I'm polish shopping.

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes

  2. This is such a cute little set, I really like Ciate. I say red too :)

    Jenn Barely There Beauty | UK Beauty Blog