Wednesday, 8 January 2014

favourite tv shows of 2013 (part 1)

As those who follow me on twitter will already know, I am a huge fan of tv shows, especially American and Canadian ones so I've made a list of my favourite ones. By favourites of 2013, I don't mean overall tv show favourites - that list would be too long! But I mean the series that started in 2013.

I won't put any spoilers on here for obvious reasons, don't worry! And I've put a few similar shows underneath all of them to make it easier to figure out if you'd like watching one or not. The descriptions all come from Wikipedia so I don't take any credit for them.

I'm splitting this post into two as there are 12 shows in total as it would be too long otherwise.

  • Ravenswood
    "A spin-off of Pretty Little Liars. Set in the fictional town of Ravenswood, Pennsylvania, the series will follow five strangers whose lives become intertwined by a deadly curse that has plagued their town for generations. They must dig into the town's dark past to solve the mysterious curse."

    I LOVE Pretty Little Liars so of course had to start watching it. Caleb was never my favourite character on the show but even if you don't like him, you grow to like him in this show. And for those that have seen Make It or Break It, Nicole Anderson stars in it (played Kelly Parker) and is a main character. If you like PLL, I'm pretty sure you'll like this show too.

    Watch if you particularly like/d: Pretty Little Liars, Twisted, The Lying Game, Make it or Break It
  • Reign
    "An historical fiction television series following the early years of Mary, Queen of Scots, in 1557 France."

    I'm not one to watch historical fiction series, even though saying that, I don't actually know of any? I did
     enjoy History at school so I like the whole historical aspect of it, although I don't know how accurate this show is exactly. I watch series like Downton Abbey, The Paradise etc but they're not exactly historical in the sense like this show is so I wasn't sure what this would be like. But I really like it, aside from the really cool costumes they wear (which are so pretty by the way, especially the hairstyles they put them in), the storyline's really good. Again, there's a kind of mystery to it like with.. surprise surpise Pretty Little Liars (I swear not every show on this post will link back to that!) so that's made me a fan. Plus there always has to be a love triangle doesn't there, for once I don't even know who I'd pick aha.

    Watch if you particularly like/d: Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl (I've read on quite a few sites that people call it 'Gossip Girl but with Tudors' and that is so true!)
  • The Carrie Diaries
    "A prequel to the television series Sex and the City and based on the book. The first season of the show focuses on Carrie Bradshaw during her junior year of high school in 1984, and she explores life in New York while interning at a law office."

    I've watched quite a few of the Sex and the City episodes, not all of them though and I've seen both films so I know a bit about it, but then I guess you don't have to have seen them to know about it as this is the 'beginning' of Carrie's life. It's really good. I prefer series 1 to 2 but series 2 is only half way through. The fashion is really interesting, I watch a lot of it for that!

    Watch if you particularly like/d:
     90210, The O.C, Privileged
  • The Fosters
    "The series follows the lives of the Foster family, a same-sex couple raising children together."

    This is a really sweet show. I love shows that include big families - my favourite being Brothers and Sisters. And since that ended, The Fosters has been my fill in for that gap aha. It's more of a feel good show than anything else, as the story lines are good but not as good as B&S. Although I suppose I'm comparing the two a lot.

    Watch if you particularly like/d: Parenthood, Brothers and Sisters, Life Unexpected, Everwood, Switched at Birth
  • Twisted
    "The series focuses on charming sixteen-year-old Danny Desai, who killed his aunt when he was eleven. Having spent five years in juvenile detention, he is released and returns to his hometown of Green Grove, New York. While trying to rekindle old friendships and facing the challenges of dealing with his judgmental peers, Danny becomes the prime suspect in the murder of a classmate..."

    This reminds me a lot of Pretty Little Liars, with the whole mysterious vibes going on. I'm not really 100% sure on what I think of it yet but I do like it so I'll still include it in this list. It's interesting though because after every episode they leave something that makes you want to find out more.. (hence the PLL reminder) but I like that about it, mystery.

    Watch if you particularly like/d: Pretty Little Liars, The Lying Game, Ravenswood
  • Witches of East End
    "Set in the fictional seaside town of East End, the series centers around a family of immortal witches known as the Beauchamps: Joanna and her two daughters Freya and Ingrid, as well as her sister Wendy."
    A family of witches, you might think it's trying to be Charmed which I thought at first but it's very very good. I used to watch Charmed when it was on and loved it so if you were/are a fan of that show, I'd definitely recommend watching this.

    Watch if you particularly like/d: Charmed, The Secret Circle, Pretty Little Liars


  1. How have I not watched the carrie diaries i feel terrible for this?! Definitely will be getting stuck in!

  2. I think I just may have to look into The Fosters as I fell in love with Parenthood. Thank you! I've been looking for some TV shows to watch. :)

    Jes | Naturally Jes

  3. Some of these sound fantastic, particularly Reign, I'm off to youtube some adverts for them now, thanks for the recommendations xx

  4. I'm in LOVE with Reign! Watched all of the episodes in about a day and I'm counting down the days until the next episode :)