Saturday, 18 January 2014

Instagramming my way through January

(Top left being most recent - bottom right)
  • Buying sweets from Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe! As you can tell, I haven't done so well in some of my new years resolutions... oops. Strawberry bon bons and peanut brittle, I used to love that when I was younger but the brittle part of it was far too sugary.
  • I'm finally reading the Hunger games trilogy after buying the books ages and ages ago. Reading Mockingjay now!
  • My Lauren Aquilina tickets arrived!! Exciting.
  • (Two of the photos) Wagamamas with my brother and dad. We shared a yasai gyoza (vegetable dumplings) as a starter, not as nice as it has been though unfortunately. They tasted really really rubbery. My main was nice though - yasai yaki soba (noodles with egg, beansprouts, peppers, pring onions, fried shallots, pickled ginger) yummm.
  • I got given these lovely earrings as a 21st birthday present, they're so pretty!
  • First time trying something at Spaghetti Johns - hot chocolate made with real chocolate, SO good. With a cantuccini biscuit.
  • Ice cream - peanut, caramel and chocolate ice cream scoop and a mint chocolate chip scoop. It was so so good but it's probably a bit pricey so I don't know how often I'll go for a meal out. For hot chocolate though, well that's another story. I haven't been back yet though, so there's an excuse for me to go.
  • Nando's with a friend (we went to the Spaghetti johns that I mentioned above, after for dessert aha). I didn't have chips with it this time, thinking I'd be healthy for new my years resolution... ha. Fat chance of that. And went for a corn on the cob which I am never doing again. The corn got stuck in my teeth so much, so no thank you.
  • I bought my first ever Yankee Candle! Salted Caramel. I lit it a few days ago and it's really nice, a bit too strong if you leave it for a long time but I like it.
  • Costa with a friend. I had a really nice black coffee and we both had salted caramel muffins which are new in. And they are amazing.
  • Home made profiteroles made by my mum for our New Years day dessert.
Quite an eventful month so far! I hope everyone's had an equally good first month of the year. I'm off to Ikea tomorrow with my mum which I'm really looking forward to as I love that place. And then we're going to this really nice Chinese place for lunch, excited.

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