Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Primark gym wear

So I'm keeping at my new year's resolution and I bought lots of gym clothing... at Primark! I was really surprised when I found out a while back that Primark now has gym wear. And now I've had the chance to try them on ready to start running again. The gym section is fairly new to the store and I thought I'd try some of the things on and wow they're really good. I bought 5 items as pictured in the photo above, excluding the trainers as I bought them in John Lewis. I got a flourescent pink sleeveless top, black sleeveless top, 2 three quarter length running leggings - grey with a thick line of pink at the top. And a grey running jumper as there's no way I'm going outside in this weather without something warm on top.

Here's an OOTD type photo, showing you the different tops! I really like them.

There are a few other things in the section that I didn't get but I'll say what they are anyway just incase anyone hasn't had a chance to look at them yet and wants to know what the whole section includes. There are 2 other types of running leggings, a full length black pair and a three quarter length black pair. But I didn't like the black so that's why I chose the pink and grey twice. They also have a running jacket but they didn't have my size and the one available swamped me so maybe in a while I'll go back and check. And the other two items are running tank tops, both in the black and pink. They also have gym bags and water bottles if I remember correctly. I didn't see anything else in the section but there may be more that I don't know about.

They are really cosy and I'm really picky when it comes to running leggings, I hate if they're really skin tight but these are personally just tight enough, not too tight or too loose so I'm very happy with my purchases. And I love the pink!! I'm not one to wear really bright colours but there's no harm in trying something new and hey at least people can see me coming! Hopefully that means no more cyclists coming up too close or dogs jumping up at me... although that always seems to happen when you're running.


  1. I've just started running and all I can say is you put me to shame with all your snazzy stuff! I'll have to visit primark and invest!! xx

    1. You don't have to have proper running gear to run in, as long as you're comfy and it's sensible it's fine :) I ran for ages without all this but now I'm going to be 'proper' aha xx

  2. Aw you look so cute Sophie. I'm obsessed with the primark gym stuff. they have really cute black and turquoise leggings that I've lusting after for the longest time now.x

  3. Thank you! Oh wow I didn't know they did turquoise ones, I hope my store will get them in, I love that colour! x

  4. These look great! The only gym wear I have from Primark are my running socks and they are excellent. I haven't been doing any exercise recently though and I really want to get back into it so I might have to visit Primark soon.
    N xx

  5. I think having nice gym wear helps you to be more motivated.

    It's great you can get cheap but stylish stuff at primark!

  6. They truly look amazing and comfortable. Didn't know Primark had a sport line either
    I always see it as a great motivation for shop gym wear :D

    Christina xx

  7. They have brilliant gym wear in primark at the moment, I'm defo going to have to snap some of this stuff up next time I'm in! Lovely blog hun, thanks for the link!

    F xx

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