Wednesday, 26 February 2014

OOTD - high waisted gingham leggings

Leggings - Ark
Shirt - Primark
Necklace - Primark
Boots - Next

Yes you’ve seen it, my first OOTD.

Look at my leggings, guys. I love patterned ones, I’ve just never had the guts to wear them before. But look here I am, wearing some! I’ve never been one for leggings that are ‘out there’ (sparkly leopard print ones… no thank you.) so these will be do perfectly. Gingham's very on trend at the moment, I've seen it in so many shops on the high street and it's on the catwalks too - I'm looking at you Oscar de la Renta and Balmain. Not to mention the photos of Olivia Palermo wearing them. And with pastel colours being everywhere - especially pink and mint green, they're the perfect choice of colour to add to the outfit.

I like the pattern, because with it being monochrome, it can go with basically any colour jumper/shirt/t-shirt. So it may be that this little item may become a staple in my wardrobe. Most importantly, they are not see-through. Which I love. Seriously, I get so paranoid over new clothing and hate any sign of see-through quality, so I was very pleased that these are not like that in the slightest. You’d think with the white it would be slightly transparent, but the grey and black pattern offsets that and as long as you wear nude coloured or light colours underneath you will be fine. I can’t think of anything worse than walking down the street and people being able to see right through them, which unfortunately can happen with some leggings out there. Instead, I can wear these and not worry about what my bum looks like from the back, yay. (At least I’m not asking ‘does my bum look big in this’!)

They are so comfy. They’re high waisted and fit really nicely around the waist and the legs in general. They don’t sag, because there’s nothing worse than buying skinny jeans and/or leggings and them not actually being skin fitting. Speaking of comfort, no worries at all if I end up eating a huge meal and a food baby arrives aha. These lovely things will hide that just fine.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Lauren Aquilina and Leeds

Last week I went up to Leeds to stay with a friend!
(My camera charger broke the night before sadly. So I was only able to take photos on my phone, excuse the not as good quality!)

A big part of going up was for seeing Lauren Aquilina in concert. I love her songs (which by the way, if you haven't heard of, youtube her now) and have wanted to see her live for ages and the next thing I know my friend has bought tickets to see her and asked if I wanted to come too! So I bought my ticket and I've now finally seen her live yay. It was such a good night! I also got to meet her, get an autograph, got a hug and two photos. How cool is that?! She's such a sweet person and I'd definitely go to another of her gigs again. I don't actually have any photos of the event apart from the one of me and her (I look like a devil with the flash in my eyes but I actually don't care. Fan girling that I got a photo with her!) purely because I was more interested in actually listening to the songs and being there than spending the time holding up my camera to take photos. I will hold my hands up now and say that I have done that in the past, but not spent a lot of time doing it. Although at one point when she sang one of her new songs off her new upcoming EP - she asked everyone to put their phones and cameras away. We were the second ever to hear this new song of hers (I went to the second night of the tour) and she wanted it could be between us (aw how cute) and it was fantastic that everyone actually listened to her and there were no flashing recording lights or cameras/phones in her face to be seen. Her support act, Gavin James was also very very good, such a good voice. Bought his EP straight away.

Check out her new song from her upcoming EP 'Liars'. I love it and I hope I at least convert one of you into a fan of hers! Join us crazy lot.

I spent the day in York before going to see Lauren Aquilina, unfortunately I don't have really any photos of my trip there as it was pouring it down with rain and we were inside shops most of the day, including this amazing Designer Outlet (hello beautiful Ted Baker bags) and a lovely pub for lunch.

I also ate a lot. Especially sweet food, hence the many Instagram photos @ ciaosophiee. Ever since coming back from Australia I've been obsessed with frozen yoghurt, so of course I had to try some in the city. But I do have to admit I got probably a bit too much brain freeze than is normal as it was freezing weather. Not exactly the right time of weather to be eating that, oh well it was good and that's what matters aha.

And as you can tell from the first photo, I finally found the Wonderland magazine! Emma Watson is on the current cover and has guest edited it herself, as soon as I found out I had to buy it. I'm sure that Harry Potter fans out there have heard by now the revelations from J.K Rowling, oh my god. So I've been chomping at the bit waiting to read the interview. None of the shops near me have had it in stock sadly so I was getting worried I wouldn't be able to buy it before it went aha. Went into Leeds and saw one but it was badly damaged so I didn't buy it, then on my penultimate day there, my friend went in to buy something and saw another copy by the tills and as soon as she told me, I jumped at the chance and bought it. Leaving there a very happy girl.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

terry's chocolate orange and pecan popcorn bar recipe

I'm sorry for not posting last week but I've been so busy with work. I always feel really guilty, so I'm sorry! I should really schedule posts but I don't like them being published when I'm not there, just incase I've missed a spelling mistake or something - I like to give it one last check before posting.

On one of my days off I went to my local shopping centre and my mum and I went into Pret, where we found these popcorn bars that were new in. They were so tasty and it gave me an idea.. to make my own! The one we ate was white chocolate and caramel, but I wanted to try and make my own recipe so I came up with this.

Makes 16
  • 200g marshmallows (I used pink and white but either is fine)
  • 75g popcorn kernels
  • 75g unsalted butter
  • 75g pecan nuts
  • 1 tbsp sunflower oil
  • 2 pieces of terry's chocolate orange


  1. Heat a pan with the sunflower oil then drop in the popcorn kernels and wait until they're fully popped.
  2. Meanwhile, melt the butter in a separate pan and once melted, mix in the marshmallows until they are also melted.
  3. Break the pecan nuts into pieces.
  4. Add the pecans into a bowl along with the popcorn and marshmallow mix.
  5. Mix all together thoroughly until all of it is coated evenly.
  6. Fill a 18 x 20 dish (you can use whatever you have available, but that's the measurements of the dish I used) and press the mixture down to make the bars. Put it in the fridge for one hour. Then melt the terry's chocolate orange in a bowl and wait until you can take the dish out.
  7. An hour in, take it out of the fridge and coat the top with the melted terry's chocolate orange. Then cut it into however many pieces you want (I did 16 with this recipe) as it's already hardened at this point and if you left it for the full two hours it would be too hard to cut.
  8. Put it back into the fridge and wait for the remaining hour. When the times up, serve on a plate and the best part of it all, you get to eat them.

If you try making this, I hope you enjoy it! They are perfect with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

what's in my handbag?

I love these kind of posts (I'm so nosey but aren't we all when it comes to these?) and I thought it's about time for me to do one too.

My bag is a lovely purple Longchamp bag. I got it for Christmas just before I headed off to Australia last year. So I've had it just over a year and it's lasted so well! A great thing about it is that if it ever gets dirty, I can just stick it in the washing machine and it comes out brand new. I hate any kind of marks on a bag or purse (yes I'm that kind of person that inspects every detail of one until I buy it) so it's fab.

I'm also someone who hates mess in my bag, I make sure I throw all rubbish and old bus tickets away when I get home aha. And go through any receipts just so that my purse doesn't become bulky.

I have an A5 folder from WHSmith to keep in my work training booklets. And I have a voltarol patch in there too because I kept hurting my back at work when I first started, luckily I'm more sensible now but it's there just incase.

A Thomas Sabo 2014 diary just to keep track of any days I've got planned, appointments etc.

A Kindle! My dad kindly gave it to me as I was discussing with my mum whether to buy one or not and he mentioned that he's had one for ages and hasn't used to so I could. How nice is that?! As soon as I finished The Hunger Games, I downloaded my first Kindle eBook (I was recommended to read Divergent - such a good book!) and I haven't put it down since. Every opportunity I get before work, on the train, in the staff room - I'm reading it. It's my dad's cover so not the most exciting of covers aha but I did see a gorgeous orange and pink one online so I might just treat myself to that at some point.

And my glasses. I wear contacts more than them but I have them with me to read just incase.

My Ted Baker purse which I am in love with. I've had it for years but being too worried to use it and scratch it, I've kept it in it's box and not used it. Yes I'm also one of those people. But my sister convinced me to use it and I'm so glad I did because it's so pretty. And my Radley handbag which again I didn't want to use aha but I do. It's England and it rains a lot, as everyone living here knows.

My iPod and my phone. I don't know if you can tell from the photo but I unfortunately have quite a few scratches on the screen of my phone. I dropped it on the ground at the beginning of the month, tripping up a pavement in town and falling over. Luckily it wasn't in the centre but I was near traffic lights so quite a few people saw me. Oh the embarassement.

My house keys, with the cutest little keyrings. Both gifts, the cupcake was a birthday present a few years ago and the kangaroo was a Christmas present from family friends in Australia the one before I was heading off to visit them.

A little box of peppermints. On the box it says "As soon as I start thinking that I'm sensible and sane, the random hedgehod comes along and fiddles with my brain". It is the cutest thing ever, they're part of the Edward Monkton series - by the artist and poet Giles Andreae. He does all sorts of different cartoon characters on merchandise. I saw the hedgehog on a mug the other day and I know at some point I have to get that.

Apart from the mints, the only thing that's missing is some sort of sweet! I usually have chewing gum but I haven't bought any in weeks so this reminds me I need to go get some. And maybe the odd creme egg - f I had one with me now it would be long gone before the photo was taken! It is Easter after all and I'm a sucker for those little goodies.

I have a little pouch I got from Claire's Accessories where I put one of my concelear's - the Lasting Perfection one. The Liz Earle I keep at home. A Carmex lip balm, a few plasters because I'm prone to getting blisters fun fun and a fold in hair brush. And my Radley mirror that comes with a little pouch - excuse both photos of my arm appearing in the mirror and my phone screen.

Vaseline hand cream with pure aloe in it, smells so nice. A hygiene gell, I'm well aware they don't actually work that well so I never replace it for washing my hands, I only use it if I'm eating something sticky like sweets or a packet of crisps. And a body spray from Boots. I only recently bought that, a friend of mine had it in her bag and let me borrow some, it smelt lovely that I had to get some myself. It doesn't smell artifical like most body sprays, it's nice and refreshing. It's the Vanilla one, from the Boots own Natural Collection. There are quite a few different ones but I found that this was the nicest as it's not too strong.

Also, I'd just like to thank Becca for helping me with my layout, I love it, thank you!