Thursday, 20 February 2014

Lauren Aquilina and Leeds

Last week I went up to Leeds to stay with a friend!
(My camera charger broke the night before sadly. So I was only able to take photos on my phone, excuse the not as good quality!)

A big part of going up was for seeing Lauren Aquilina in concert. I love her songs (which by the way, if you haven't heard of, youtube her now) and have wanted to see her live for ages and the next thing I know my friend has bought tickets to see her and asked if I wanted to come too! So I bought my ticket and I've now finally seen her live yay. It was such a good night! I also got to meet her, get an autograph, got a hug and two photos. How cool is that?! She's such a sweet person and I'd definitely go to another of her gigs again. I don't actually have any photos of the event apart from the one of me and her (I look like a devil with the flash in my eyes but I actually don't care. Fan girling that I got a photo with her!) purely because I was more interested in actually listening to the songs and being there than spending the time holding up my camera to take photos. I will hold my hands up now and say that I have done that in the past, but not spent a lot of time doing it. Although at one point when she sang one of her new songs off her new upcoming EP - she asked everyone to put their phones and cameras away. We were the second ever to hear this new song of hers (I went to the second night of the tour) and she wanted it could be between us (aw how cute) and it was fantastic that everyone actually listened to her and there were no flashing recording lights or cameras/phones in her face to be seen. Her support act, Gavin James was also very very good, such a good voice. Bought his EP straight away.

Check out her new song from her upcoming EP 'Liars'. I love it and I hope I at least convert one of you into a fan of hers! Join us crazy lot.

I spent the day in York before going to see Lauren Aquilina, unfortunately I don't have really any photos of my trip there as it was pouring it down with rain and we were inside shops most of the day, including this amazing Designer Outlet (hello beautiful Ted Baker bags) and a lovely pub for lunch.

I also ate a lot. Especially sweet food, hence the many Instagram photos @ ciaosophiee. Ever since coming back from Australia I've been obsessed with frozen yoghurt, so of course I had to try some in the city. But I do have to admit I got probably a bit too much brain freeze than is normal as it was freezing weather. Not exactly the right time of weather to be eating that, oh well it was good and that's what matters aha.

And as you can tell from the first photo, I finally found the Wonderland magazine! Emma Watson is on the current cover and has guest edited it herself, as soon as I found out I had to buy it. I'm sure that Harry Potter fans out there have heard by now the revelations from J.K Rowling, oh my god. So I've been chomping at the bit waiting to read the interview. None of the shops near me have had it in stock sadly so I was getting worried I wouldn't be able to buy it before it went aha. Went into Leeds and saw one but it was badly damaged so I didn't buy it, then on my penultimate day there, my friend went in to buy something and saw another copy by the tills and as soon as she told me, I jumped at the chance and bought it. Leaving there a very happy girl.


  1. Sounds like a very fun time in Leeds indeed! :)

    Jes | Naturally Jes

  2. I've been seeing that Wonderland image of Emma Watson everywhere, she looks stunning! Glad you had fun in Leeds and I'll be sure to check out Lauren Aquilina! X