Saturday, 1 February 2014

what's in my handbag?

I love these kind of posts (I'm so nosey but aren't we all when it comes to these?) and I thought it's about time for me to do one too.

My bag is a lovely purple Longchamp bag. I got it for Christmas just before I headed off to Australia last year. So I've had it just over a year and it's lasted so well! A great thing about it is that if it ever gets dirty, I can just stick it in the washing machine and it comes out brand new. I hate any kind of marks on a bag or purse (yes I'm that kind of person that inspects every detail of one until I buy it) so it's fab.

I'm also someone who hates mess in my bag, I make sure I throw all rubbish and old bus tickets away when I get home aha. And go through any receipts just so that my purse doesn't become bulky.

I have an A5 folder from WHSmith to keep in my work training booklets. And I have a voltarol patch in there too because I kept hurting my back at work when I first started, luckily I'm more sensible now but it's there just incase.

A Thomas Sabo 2014 diary just to keep track of any days I've got planned, appointments etc.

A Kindle! My dad kindly gave it to me as I was discussing with my mum whether to buy one or not and he mentioned that he's had one for ages and hasn't used to so I could. How nice is that?! As soon as I finished The Hunger Games, I downloaded my first Kindle eBook (I was recommended to read Divergent - such a good book!) and I haven't put it down since. Every opportunity I get before work, on the train, in the staff room - I'm reading it. It's my dad's cover so not the most exciting of covers aha but I did see a gorgeous orange and pink one online so I might just treat myself to that at some point.

And my glasses. I wear contacts more than them but I have them with me to read just incase.

My Ted Baker purse which I am in love with. I've had it for years but being too worried to use it and scratch it, I've kept it in it's box and not used it. Yes I'm also one of those people. But my sister convinced me to use it and I'm so glad I did because it's so pretty. And my Radley handbag which again I didn't want to use aha but I do. It's England and it rains a lot, as everyone living here knows.

My iPod and my phone. I don't know if you can tell from the photo but I unfortunately have quite a few scratches on the screen of my phone. I dropped it on the ground at the beginning of the month, tripping up a pavement in town and falling over. Luckily it wasn't in the centre but I was near traffic lights so quite a few people saw me. Oh the embarassement.

My house keys, with the cutest little keyrings. Both gifts, the cupcake was a birthday present a few years ago and the kangaroo was a Christmas present from family friends in Australia the one before I was heading off to visit them.

A little box of peppermints. On the box it says "As soon as I start thinking that I'm sensible and sane, the random hedgehod comes along and fiddles with my brain". It is the cutest thing ever, they're part of the Edward Monkton series - by the artist and poet Giles Andreae. He does all sorts of different cartoon characters on merchandise. I saw the hedgehog on a mug the other day and I know at some point I have to get that.

Apart from the mints, the only thing that's missing is some sort of sweet! I usually have chewing gum but I haven't bought any in weeks so this reminds me I need to go get some. And maybe the odd creme egg - f I had one with me now it would be long gone before the photo was taken! It is Easter after all and I'm a sucker for those little goodies.

I have a little pouch I got from Claire's Accessories where I put one of my concelear's - the Lasting Perfection one. The Liz Earle I keep at home. A Carmex lip balm, a few plasters because I'm prone to getting blisters fun fun and a fold in hair brush. And my Radley mirror that comes with a little pouch - excuse both photos of my arm appearing in the mirror and my phone screen.

Vaseline hand cream with pure aloe in it, smells so nice. A hygiene gell, I'm well aware they don't actually work that well so I never replace it for washing my hands, I only use it if I'm eating something sticky like sweets or a packet of crisps. And a body spray from Boots. I only recently bought that, a friend of mine had it in her bag and let me borrow some, it smelt lovely that I had to get some myself. It doesn't smell artifical like most body sprays, it's nice and refreshing. It's the Vanilla one, from the Boots own Natural Collection. There are quite a few different ones but I found that this was the nicest as it's not too strong.

Also, I'd just like to thank Becca for helping me with my layout, I love it, thank you!


  1. Your mirror is so cute! I love Radley! I might do this post too, ooohhh haha xx

  2. I love your bag! My kindle also comes with me everywhere, it's one of the best things that I have been gifted.

  3. I love these kind of posts. I don't think I own any bags that can get into the washing machine, but I would like to now what a great idea :) It was really nice of your dad to give you his kindle, I kind of want one too, but I just can't justify buying one when I have an iPad.

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