Wednesday, 12 March 2014

OOTD - It's a Paris Thing

Hey! Another OOTD post, ooh.  Sorry for the absence last week, my camera charger has broken so I've not been able to take many blog photos unless they're with my phone. I know they're not the best quality but it'll have to do until I can get a replacement charger, which hopefully will be soon.

I love this top so much, it really wants to make me go back to Paris. Anything with a city on, Paris, London, New York - I seem to become obsessed with and have to buy. Must be the wanderlust within me.

I'm also not one to wear shorts very often at all, but I went for it and got them anyway. Why not get out of my comfort zone eh? They're so comfy to wear and you can wear them with tights. And the good thing about them is they're really versatile, I could wear them with something casual like this outfit or dress it up for a night out.

Top - New Look
Shorts - New Look
Shoes - New Look

(An all New Look 'look' but can you blame me when I get a very very good staff discount and the clothes are so nice!)