Wednesday, 10 December 2014

I'm back! | Gingerbread men are everywhere

I know, I know. Where have you been?! I'm genuinely really sorry to those that enjoyed reading my blog, please know that it's been greatly appreciated! I'm very grateful to those that have messaged me or tweeted me saying that I need to get back to blogging and the fact that some of you have stayed subscribed to my blog is really very kind and sweet of you. So thank you very much for sticking with me.

In all honestly, I was a bit stuck with my blog. I ended up not knowing what to write about and then would feel guilty that I wasn't posting and that just eventually turned into me not posting at all and that just resulted in a complete lack of motivation. I won't go on too long because I just want to get back to my blog now and start a-fresh. I will do an instagram update post at some point so for those of you that want to know what I've been up to can find out that way. Christmas time is here and surprise surprise gingerbread men is what I'm blogging about today. What better way to return to my blog with a post about these smiley little faces?

I'm still very much in love with anything gingerbread man related, you'd think a now 23 year old would have something better to do but nope, here I am squealing at the cuteness overload.

Purchases from Primark, Costa, Waitrose

I've bought two items in this theme recently, one being some fleeced leggings from Primark and the other being various edible versions of them, can't beat a bit of good food. (Just because it's not exactly the healthiest doesn't mean it doesn't count as good food ok!)

In the photo right at the top, is a few things I like the look of and will eventually get around to either looking at in more detail and possibly buying. I've already tried the large gingerbread man, the one in the packaging and while it wasn't to my taste as it was the soft gingerbread rather than the biscuit kind, I thought I'd still include it as it LOOKS great and there are people out there that like the soft edible variety of it.

I know it's very close to Christmas now and some of you may have already done your christmas shopping, I know there will be a lot like me that still have some presents to get, oops. I say to myself every year that I'll get it all done by the end of October but in reality we all know that won't happen. But hey, wishful thinking right? One day I might actually stick to it.

From left to right:
Gingerbread man Candle in a tin  - Etsy
Vanilla Frosting Body Butter (50ml) - Boots
Gingerbread man Large (225g) - John Lewis
Gingerbread man Clutch bag - New Look
Mini gingerbread man hand warmer - ASOS
Tree decoration (comes in set of two) - Not on the High Street
Baylis & Harding Beauticology Trio in a Bag - Boots

And not included in the image above but look at this - a gingerbread man shaped corkboard. HOW COOL. I don't know if I'd ever use it though, aha.

Anyone bought anything gingerbread man related or seen something lately that I might like to know about? Comment below! x


  1. OMG it's all so cute I love the clutch bag AND eating them ;) xx

  2. Enjoyed every bit of your article.